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We are even more prepared to be part of your success. The ideal space for your events and meetings.

From the quality of our service, to the security of our spaces and the excellent location of our hotels, we combine all the technological innovation and professional service, to produce face-to-face or hybrid events.

As a result, we guarantee the best possible experience.

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Personalized scenario to your desire. Enhancing the value of your brand and your message, with a multiplicity of virtual solutions.

  • Chroma Key mobile studio
  • Audiovisuals (Cameras, Lighting and Audio)
  • Custom 3D Scenery
  • Technical Staff
Evento chroma com painel verde
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Evento híbrido com orador
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Live online broadcast of a face-to-face and virtual event. With physical and remote audience at the same time, in an unlimited capacity.

  • Local audiovisuals (cameras, lighting and audio)
  • Integration of remote speakers
  • Live Streaming of the event
  • Technical Staff
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A single event that is attended by several groups, in separate rooms.

  • Local audiovisuals (Video, Lighting and Audio)
  • Broadcast view of the main room
  • Technical Staff
Evento em broadcast em sala de reunião
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Sistema de som
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Your event takes place in several locations at the same time. Leveraging the entire network of our hotels, who will be able to attend in person and/or virtually, allowing complete interaction between all participants.

  • Audiovisuals in the various locations of the event (Cameras, Lighting and Audio)
  • Integration of remote speakers
  • Connection between the various locations of the event
  • Live Streaming of the event
  • Technical Staff


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