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Quinta Real de Caxias has a Paço Real, where palm trees and araucarias help to embellish the gardens adjoining the Hotel, and invite pleasant walks to contemplate the beautiful waterfall that spills over the lake, where the sculptural set of Machado de Castro stands out, considered the greatest Portuguese sculptor of the time.

The statues represent a mythological scene in which the Goddess Diana came to bathe next to the cave where her beloved shepherd Endimião slept eternally.

Owned by Casa do Infantado, Quinta Real de Caxias, with its palace, was built in the first half of the 18th century by Infante D. Francisco de Bragança, son of D. Pedro II and D. Maria Sofia de Neuborg, brother of D. João V.

It is exactly here, right by the sea, that Turim Paço Real de Caxias Hotel will be born. This wonderful scenario, full of stories of kings and queens, will recover all the beauty of yesteryear, now able to be enjoyed by all who want to stay overnight in one of the 100 rooms that will appear here, or to accomplish the event of their lives.



Estrada da Gibalta, 18B
2760-064 Caxias
Portugal (Continental)

GPS: 38.699894 – 9.273738

Tel.: +351 210 330 800

Email: marketing@turimhoteis.com


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